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Empowerment woman- Breast cancer awareness – 232

 Empower women project Breast cancer awareness The Nobles Charitable Foundation, in cooperation with the Good Omens Organization, organized a health awareness seminar on cancer diseases under the sponsorship and funding of the Babylon Educational Foundation - UK (BEF). On Friday, January 26, 2024, a health awareness seminar on cancer diseases was held in Baghdad's capital. The seminar was attended by more than 30 women of different ages and social backgrounds. It included a scientific lecture on the types of cancer, the risk factors for contracting it, ways to prevent it, and methods [...]

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Dental Examination and Treatment- 216

Health care and awareness for orphans Activity 3 - Dental Examination and Treatment Nobility Charitable Foundation Organizes Free Dental Campaign in Baghdad The Nobility Charitable Foundation organized a free dental examination and treatment campaign for children and poor families in Baghdad on October 17, 2023. The campaign was conducted by a group of dentists and aimed to improve the oral health of children and poor families. This initiative is an important step in improving the health of children and families in need. It is also a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of [...]

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hope for youth-Course of physical therapy – 215

Hope Project - Skills Development Activity 39 - Physical Therapy Course Nobles Charitable Foundation Offers Physical Therapy Courses for Seniors In line with its ongoing efforts to develop capabilities, and skills, and provide medical and therapeutic assistance, the Nobles Charitable Foundation Sponsored by Babylon Trust- UK organized a physical therapy training course. The course included treatment for participants and seniors registered with the foundation. Physical therapist Ms. Malak implemented the course. It included a detailed explanation of the types of physical therapy, its benefits, and practical training on electrical devices and exercise. [...]

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Community services – health awareness for students 142

Community Services Activity 14 - Distribution of health and prevention awareness brochures Distributing awareness brochures to prevent the Corona epidemic to students in primary schools in Baghdad as part of the ongoing campaigns of the Al-Nubala Charitable Foundation to educate students about the dangers of unhealthy mixing and the need for social distancing, wearing a mask, and sterilization. #give_iraq #Prevention_of_coronavirus #distribution_health_awareness_brochures #community_services #Nobles_Charity_Foundation الخدمات المجتمعية النشاط الرابع عشر _   توزيع بروشرات توعية صحية والوقاية توزيع بروشرات توعية للوقاية من وباء كورونا الى الطلبة في المدارس الابتدائية في بغداد [...]

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hope for youth- Medical responsibility in Iraqi law workshop 107

Hope Project - An awareness session Activity 30 - Medical responsibility in Iraqi law workshop Nobles Charitable Foundation carried out a training workshop on (medical responsibility in Iraqi law) sponsored by the Babylon Trust - United Kingdom, on 16/11/2020, and the workshop targeted doctors and medical staff at Imam Ali Hospital in Sadr City presented by the legal and trainer Hadeel Abdul Razzaq. The workshop dealt with laws that regulate the work of doctors and health personnel, as well as the rights, duties, and legal accountability of both parties (the health staff and [...]

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