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hope for youth-Accessories Design and Manufacture 43

Hope For Youth - Skills Development Activity 16 - Accessories Design and Manufacture In solidarity with its role in supporting young people and developing their abilities, Nobles Charitable Foundation, in cooperation with Babylon Trust-UK, implemented the 16 workshops of the project, with the aim of contributing to educating girls in a fun and beneficial profession, under the supervision of the Mrs (Hawra Jabbar), And with the participation of 9 trainees, certificates of participation were distributed to trainees مشروع أمل - تطوير المهارات النشاط السادس عشر _ تصميم وصناعة الإكسسوارات [...]

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Hope for youth-Marketing and Advertising Skills 3

Hope for Youth - Skills Development The first activity - Marketing and advertising skills Nobles Charitable Foundation has sponsored, with the Babylon Trust - United Kingdom and the implementation of the bilateral agreement concluded between them on 26-2-2017, which is concerned with setting up sustainable human development projects and developing the capabilities of the individual and society through the establishment of courses and workshops managed by competent international trainers, which enhance the enhancement of capabilities and acquisition of new skills for young people Especially the unemployed of both sexes and preparing the [...]

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